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Posted in Uncategorized on April 7th, 2015 by Carnivorous Kale – Comments Off on Ratventures

Farming is glamorous, right? So this morning I notice a rat tail sticking out of a feed sack, so I go tell Lauren that there’s a rat in the feed sack and she says, “Well, go get Ruby.” So I go get her dog, an enthusiastic ratter. And then I pull the feed sack out of the 55-gallon steel drum I’d been keeping it in (How the rat climbed into the drum I’ll never know.). Things going as they do, the rat runs out of the feed sack, caroms off my chest, and I swear loudly. The swearing scares the dog and she cowers, not even noticing the fat juicy rat that she should be chasing. I drop the feed sack and the feral chickens that live in that barn descend hungrily, depriving the pigs of needed food.

And life goes on in its bucolic fashion.